Género: Drama.

Laura Brauer.......................Una
Rob Carragher.....................Uno
Mark Duncan........................Man
Kirsten Hazel Smith...........Woman

Dramaturgia: Mariangeles Taroni - Fabián Politis

Dirección: Daniel Goldman

Set Design: Sean Turner

Lighting Design: Michael Nabarro

Stage manager: Sadie Wilde

Idea: Des Armadero Teatro



Síntesis argumental de la obra

La obra nos invita a conocer el mundo poético, romántico y raro de una pareja que es más feliz en sus sueños que fuera de ellos.
Una and Uno (who speak in Spanish) and Man and Woman (who address one another in English) are experiencing relationship problems. ‘I want to stroke your breasts like a missing pet who’s come home,’ Man tells Woman. ‘You love me in Technicolor, I love you in black and white,’ Woman tells Man. When they’re not talking, the couples walk up and down, and run round a table like the Keystone Cops pursuing an absconding criminal. They also shout a lot.
According to a programme note, Argentine playwright Fabian Politis’ short two-hander (expanded into a bilingual four-hander in Daniel Goldman’s production) ‘dissects a couple’s relationship and asks whether two people can survive together if they can only communicate in each other’s dreams’.The answer to that question is fairly obviously ‘no’. More difficult – as a non-Spanish-speaker – is trying to decide whether the fault with the script lies principally with the author or the translator. Politis obviously has a strongly imagistic style which, here  at least, sounds largely ridiculous in English. And quite what the point of the bilingual splitting is remains a mystery.
There’s a nice performance from Laura Brauer as Una, and the location for Goldman’s traverse staging – a subterranean barrel vault in the crypt of St Andrew’s church – is highly atmospheric.
Pity about the play.





- Octubre del 2007: Festival CASA de Teatro Latinoamericano. Londres, Reino Unido.